LCS: Live Creatives Show

A Live Set in collaboration with Chong Lii
Presented at Supernormal as part of The Open Workshop, for Singapore Art Week 2020

LCS: A Tease from Zhiyi Cao on Vimeo.

Imagined to be an amorphous and sustained enquiry into the conditions of Creative Labour in Singapore, we presented LCS in its first iteration as a Live Film-set - open for public viewing throughout the duration of The Open Workshop.

A fermented lovechild between the Japanese ‘slice-of-life’ hit reality TV Terrace House and the classic surveillance microstate show Big Brother, LCS is an exercise in parafactual entertainment, mimicking the premise and borrowing the tropes of reality TV. A variety of recording devices are set up to follow 3 artist-creatives as they inhabit a co-working studio for two-and-a-half weeks, documenting their daily activities, interactions, and tensions in the space, all in service of a manic attempt at witnessing and accounting for that historically elusive form of labour - Creative Labour. Mystery guests are invited and activities are carried out as stimuli for our hungry Creatives, all of that providing footage that will be weaved into an intricate piece of (episodic) docu-fiction.

Zhou Zhao
Sher Chew

Johann Yamin
Rifqi Amirul Rosli
Xindi Ye
Ryan Benji Lee
Rohaizah Binte Abdul Rahman
Amrit Dhillon
Ed Khoo
Faraz Hussein

Special thanks to
Ong Kian Peng (Bin)
Margaret and Kelvin from Growth Catalyst
Anathapindika Dai
Shawn Chua
Art Naming
Guo Leibing as Jimmy Chiu