2272 Open Report

2272 Open Report, Bangkok
Installation View

Epoxy resin on rubber mat, emergency strobe light, metal shelves, LCD monitor, preliminary texts and image archive for online publication
In collaboration with Tanat Teeradakorn, presented at Tentacles Gallery, Bangkok

Taking its first iteration as a physical, documentary archive, artists Zhiyi Cao and Tanat Teeradakorn will present their research for an upcoming online publication, 2272: Open Report. This archive is available on this Google Drive.

2272: Open Report is an online publication examining the roles of the state, youths, clandestine activities and the pop in relation to aspirational forms of transit and city zoning. Roving between motifs of the E-scooter in Singapore and its OG step-sister, the scooter of Bangkok’s drag racing scene, this project mediates on how desires are formed and quelled in the city by different forms of authoritarianism. Tracing the histories and sub(pop)cultures that arose around both vehicles, 2272 seeks to project a near future that is tainted but, at the same time, collectivised by them.