Live Creatives Show (LCS)

A finale showcase of the Live Creatives Show and it’s surrounding
mythos/cinematic universe created in collaboration with Chong Lii

8 July - 8 August 2021

Presented at Supernormal, 21 Moonstone Lane, Singapore
Recipient of the Goethe Institut Aussicht Fund, further supported by the NAC PnP Fund

Mixed medium multimedia Installation
2-Channel Projection + 3-Channel Video Installation (in a 5 episode structure)

This fermented lovechild between Japanese ‘slice-of-life’ hiTV Terrace House and all time Daddy-surveillance show Big Brother is a BaSTAR’d in parafactual edutaintment.

Live Creatives Show (LCS) snatches the wigs and falsies off reality TV and Acts Brand New. A squad of recording devices are set up to follow 3 artist-creatives as they descend into a co-working cave for two-and-a-half weeks, documenting their daily grind, bombasteractions, and dramaturgiddities in the pit.

A spa-spawning inquiry into the world-building of a SINematic universe, LCS is insatiable, ravishing, the end.

LCS | Ebisode One: A New Art Family?  from Chong Lii on Vimeo.

Full ebisodes available at our year-long streaming website:

Paraphernalia from the hot mess of a show-xibition including:
- 3 action figure dolls, in total likeness of our 3 stars
- frankensteined reality-tv show posters
- a chalk drawing, framed,
- personalised silicon dick figures in diamante crystal eggs

and a fanzine-inspired publication!!

Brought to life by Currency Design
Featuring contributions by Thomas Ragnar, Zhiyi Cao and Chong Lii

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