Sunset X - This is not sci-fi, this is heartbreak

For Pure Ever, Sunset X – this is not sci-fi, this is heartbreak is an implosion of chaotic set-pieces and mini-logues interwoven within a tale of forbidden love against a backdrop of transactional macroalgaeism. Non-linear narratives and connections exist polyamorously, where a fragile relationship structure reincarnates as style and representation becomes the medium of choice. We wanted to learn really quickly, and immediately disavow the reality that is filmmaking as the monolithic method of fiction-making - fiction already lies within the realms of reality and it is up to our lens to pre/de/scribe that reality.

And at the end of the day, if this exercise can ever be seen as a bright and generous dissemination of feelings, then we would’ve accomplished our goal.  

Presented at [Alternate/Opt] Realities, State of Motion 2021, curated by Syaheedah  Iskandar and Thong Kay Wee.

3-Channel HD Video
45min, 3min and 6min

Installation - Metal struts and polycarbonate sheet, TV monitors of varying sizes.
MarinaOne Level 4 West Wing

Film Synopsis:

Sunset X is a dizzying tale that centres a blossoming poly-romance between 3 varied individuals from the Republic of Synkie. With a rapidly growing currency that is turning the country’s capital into Kelpital, the bearing of a Kelpitalocene upon the contemporary struggles of people in Synkie begin to unravel the facade of love for our main characters Eden, Yasmyn, and Wan Ting. In a non-linear ocean of visual fantasy, alt-spirituality, eco-enterprise, and cult economy is where you will find Sunset X; a narrative embroiled between the plurality of 3 people in soft, moist, and warm love, and the rupturing apocalypse of the harrowing heart – THIS IS NOT SCI-FI, THIS IS HEARTBREAK!

Sunset X - This is not Sci-Fi, this is Heartbreak (2021) from Zhiyi Cao on Vimeo.